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Tension Rises Ahead of Persib Clash

JakOnline – Persija face another tough away game of Torabika Soccer Championship 2016. A ruthless clash will be held at the weekend as Persija Jakarta play Persib Bandung in Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, Saturday (16/7).

Paulo Camargo has been appointed as a Coach since five months ago, he took over the position from Bamband Nurdansyah in February. But the Brazilian is aware of the high tension between these two. He even labeled the game as the “dangerous” game, according to the rivalry that occurs among the club fans.

“It’s gonna be a big game to play against them. I know there is some problems around, especially among the fans, but I hope we can play good there and we arrive in the stadium safely, without any disturbance. Because again, if we see the rivalry between the fans, it’s very dangerous”, said Camargo.

Camargo also added that football must be something that enjoyed by the people from all backgrounds.

“People must feel safe when they come to the stadium. They could bring their wives, children, brothers and even the whole family. It should be something that entertains them. When they come to the stands to support their team, they could watch an attractively entertaining game without worrying the riot or whatever”, he added.

As a football lover, Camargo hopes that someday people would see that football as a peaceful sport, and no more violence around it.

“I hope that there is no more conflict because there would be another penalty for the club and I don’t want it to happen. I love football, and you love football too, so don’t ruin this sport with those violence. I hope that we can come to the stadium for fun, without thinking about the riot and that sort of thing, so I hope there is no more conflict like this in the future”, he said.

After failing on three previous matches, Macan Kemayoran now at twelfth on the table with eleven points. Persija need to win the game to keep compete at the top flight.

Penulis : (Abdillah-JO)
Foto : (Zani-JO)

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