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Persija Continue Losing Streak in Sidoarjo.

JakOnline – Persija got another lost match on Saturday (30/7) at Gelora Delta Sidoarjo, East Java. Macan Kemayoran seemed to work harder to end their losing streak. Persija have not won a single game of seven consecutive matches and even failed to earn a point at their last three matches.

The away match against Bhayangkara Surabaya United in Sidoarjo should have been a turning point for Persija. But Macan Kemayoran didn’t play as well as they were supposed to and ended up by a poor result for the capital.

They lost 2-1 after a pair of goal by Evan Dimas and Rudi Widodo in 30 minutes of the first half. Persija could cut the gap down with Maman’s free kick at the ten minutes before full time whistle blown.

There are so much homework to be done for Persija, especially Paulo Camargo as a headcoach. The lack of creativity and unpassionate, are the most obvious things that could be seen even with a bare eyes on those matches. The players look unconfident everytime they were on the ball. They played like they didn’t want to, just passing the ball around before BSU took over the ball and set a whirlwind to Persija’s defence. It was only Bepe’s free kick at the end of the first half that could be dangerous for BSU’s goalie.

On the second half, Camargo replaced Rahmat Affandi and Syahoni with Ambrizal Umanailo and Sutanto Tan, he was expecting more attacking display. It was went good at the begining, but after some minutes, there was no difference with what had happened on the first 45 minutes. BSU still dominated the ball, giving numerous threat for Persija’s defence with a well organized attacking game.

Persija now stranded in 15th position with only 12 points so far. Persija will return to Yon Zikon 14 before to have facing another tough match against Mitra Kukar on August 5th. The match will be held in Manahan Stadium, Solo.

Penulis : (Abdillah-JO)
Foto : (Syarif-JO)

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